Your question: Who did John Starks dunk?

Later in 1992, Starks and co. fell to Team Jordan and the Bulls during the Eastern Conference Semifinals. John Starks took the weight of the loss and added it to the chip on his shoulder. He was determined to beat the Bull in ’93.

When did Starks dunk on Jordan?

May 25th, 1993. It was Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls. And in the final minute of a one-possession game, John Starks delivered an iconic moment that still brings a smile to the faces of long-disappointed Knicks fans.

What was Starks vertical?

His vertical leap is more than 40 inches. He has a quick first step that enables him to penetrate effectively. And his defense has been more than adequate, because of his quickness and aggressiveness. Starks even injured himself aggressively last month, trying to dunk over Patrick Ewing in practice.

Which team had a memorable dunk in 1993?

NBA Slam Dunk Contest past winners

Year Winner Team
1995 Harold Miner Heat
1994 Isiah Rider Timberwolves
1993 Harold Miner Heat
1992 Cedric Ceballos Suns

Who is Starks wife?

Is John Starks in the Hall of Fame?

Former Oklahoma State basketball player John Starks was inducted into the Tulsa Public Schools Hall of Fame on Wednesday. … In what was an illustrious 14 year career, Starks played with the Warriors, the Silver Bullets (CBA), the Memphis Rockers (WBL), the Knicks, the Bulls and the Jazz.

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