Your question: What NBA teams were in the 1960s?

Rk Team PTS
1 Boston Celtics* 114.1
2 Los Angeles Lakers* 114.1
3 St. Louis Hawks* 115.2
4 Syracuse Nationals* 119.2

Who was the 1959 NBA MVP?

How long were NBA games in the 60s?

Your benchmark: 82 games x 40 mins/game = 3,280 minutes/regular season.

How much did NBA players make in 1950?

In the NBA in the 1950s salaries were even lower. But that was BWC (before Wilt Chamberlain). From an article in Sport magazine in 1957/58, Bob Pettit, the all time great PF of the St. Louis (now Atlanta) Hawks was paid $20,000/year.

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