Your question: What NBA player has the most playoff buzzer beaters?

LeBron James has more playoff buzzer-beaters than anyone in NBA history.

Who has the most buzzer-beaters in NBA playoff history?

Below, we present the player with the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in the history of each franchise.

  • Pistons. …
  • Raptors. …
  • Rockets. Moochie Norris tied with Hakeem Olajuwon (3)
  • Spurs. Tim Duncan (3)
  • Suns. Devin Booker tied with Walter Davis (3)
  • Thunder. Kevin Durant (3)
  • Warriors. Rick Barry (3)
  • Wizards. Gilbert Arenas (5)

Which player has the most game winning shots?

Game Winning Shots

Player Fgm T/O
LeBron James 17 4
Vince Carter 16 4
Ray Allen 15 2
Kobe Bryant 14 5

Who has the most all time buzzer-beaters?

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the greatest basketball player in NBA history. One among Jordan’s innumerable NBA records is the mark for the most game-winning buzzer-beaters in league history with nine.

Who is the best clutch player in NBA history?

Most Clutch NBA Players of All Time

  • Most Clutch NBA Players of All Time. Michael Jordan defined clutch. …
  • Bottom Line: Robert Horry. Robert Horry won seven rings. …
  • Bottom Line: Ray Allen. …
  • Bottom Line: John Havlicek. …
  • Bottom Line: Stephen Curry. …
  • Bottom Line: Shaquille O’Neal. …
  • Bottom Line: James Worthy. …
  • Bottom Line: Rick Barry.
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Who has the most dunks in NBA history?

NBA Most Career Slam Dunks

Dunks Height Player
2910 6’11” Dwight Howard
2626 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal
2237 6’11” DeAndre Jordan
1948 6’8″ LeBron James

How many game-winners does Kobe have?

Late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant leads the all-time list with a whopping 26 game-winners throughout his career.

How many game-winning shots did Michael Jordan make?

According to Basketball Reference, Jordan made a total of nine game-winning buzzer-beaters in his Hall of Fame career, which is the most in NBA history.

Is Kobe clutch stats?

People think Kobe Bryant is clutch based on the perception that he is clutch rather than his actual clutch stats. Despite the popular myth that he is clutch, all the actual evidence says that Kobe isn’t all that clutch. The ball doesn’t lie, and Kobe Bryant apparently can’t put the ball in the net when it counts.

How many game-winning shots curry?

Stephen Curry Ranks Himself 2nd to Only Michael Jordan for Game-Winning Shot

Kings of Clutch
Jamal Crawford 9 45.0
Evan Turner 13 44.8
Stephen Curry 12 44.4

Who is the most clutch player of all time?

Ranking The 20 Most Clutch Players In NBA History: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, And Larry Bird Were Masters Late In Games

  • Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Robert Horry.
  • Dwyane Wade.
  • Reggie Miller.
  • Joe Johnson.
  • Jerry West.
  • Tim Duncan.
  • Ray Allen.

Has there ever been a Game 7 buzzer beater?

Leonard hit a 15-foot shot from the corner over Joel Embiid at the buzzer that bounced off the rim four times before falling to give the Toronto Raptors a 92-90 victory in Game 7 of the East semifinals. Not only did it do that, but it was the first winning buzzer-beater in a Game 7 in NBA history.

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