Your question: What is a stretch five in basketball?

Players who have the same play style as stretch fours but play the center position are called stretch fives.

What is a stretch five?

Stretch Five pertains to a center who can stretch the floor on offense and rebound and protect the rim from the other team at an acceptable level of defense. Before, a stretch four or a stretch big pertains to a player at the power forward position. This player must be able to generate offense.

What is stretch basketball?


A “stretch” is any player who’s position traditionally doesn’t shoot or stretch the floor. Stretch meaning causing a defender to guard you closer and respect your shot.

What is the 5 position in basketball?

In the game of basketball, a lineup consists of five players who each specialize in a different key position on the court: center, power forward, small forward, point guard, and shooting guard.

What is down the stretch?

1. In these contexts, “down the stretch” means “approaching the end” (it’s about something happening near the ending or conclusion). It’s most commonly used in sports.

What is the hardest position to play in basketball?

What Is The Hardest Position In Basketball? For many players the point guard position is considered the hardest position in basketball. The point guard will need multiple skill sets found in the other positions, and needs a high basketball IQ to be able to make plays on the court during game time.

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What does 6 mean in basketball?

This refers to the player who is usually the first substitute called off the bench during the game. This player is usually the best player on the team who is not in the starting lineup. A basketball team’s starting lineup consists of five players, hence the “sixth man” is the first man who’s not in the starting lineup.

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