Your question: How do you pick a basketball hoop?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a backboard size based on the size of your playing space. If you’ve got a home court or a large driveway, go for 72” – 60” backboards. If you’re looking for a goal to put in a one-car drive way, shoot for the 54” – 44” range.

What should I look for in a portable basketball hoop?

To help you find the best portable basketball hoops, here are some factors to consider when looking for a basketball hoop.

  • The Capacity of the Base. The capacity of the base heavily determines the stability of the hoop. …
  • Support Pole and Overhang. …
  • Backboard Size and Material.

How much is a driveway basketball hoop?

What Are the Best Basketball Hoops for Driveway?

Title Price
Best Cheap Portable Hoop – Lifetime 1269 Pro Court $199.99
Best Worth Buying Portable Hoop – Spalding E68562 NBA Portable Basketball System $749.99
Best Portable Basketball Hoop Slanted Driveway- Spalding The Beast $1,199.99

Are portable basketball hoops easy to move?

As the name suggests, portable basketball hoops can be moved away, but not all the hoops are easy to move especially when they are filled with large capacity sand or water. Angled pole tends to be more difficult in moving than straight type.

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