Your question: How do you always win Imessage basketball?

How do you beat the iMessage tank?

Tips to use in Tanks on iMessage

  1. Make sure you practice before competing. …
  2. When battling choose the Dirt Mover, point you barrel to 270 degrees. …
  3. In order to protect yourself better create a magical wall insider your banker. …
  4. When defending your tank from enemy missiles fired, shoot a Dirt Slinger in the air at 90 degrees.

What is the highest score in Game Pigeon basketball?

Scoring 112 in GamePigeon iMessage BASKETBALL and setting the WORLD RECORD!?

How do you play basketball on Iphone messages?

First You have a start and send your Friends to invite in a game. Once your opponent completed first round you will get the message, now your turn until you need to wait for that. when you will get the message that shows, now it’s your turn.

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