You asked: Why is basketball important to filthy in the crossover?

He says people call him Filthy McNasty because his skills on the basketball court are such that he can put anyone to shame. … Dad often reminds him that he played basketball with the greats like “Magic” (Earvin Johnson Jr.)

Who is filthy in the crossover?

The main character, Josh who goes by the nickname, Filthy McNasty is a tall teenager who plays basketball for his middle school. He can even dunk. Just when everything in Josh’s life was going really well for him, his brother, JB gets a girlfriend.

What do Josh and JB learn about their dad what questions does this raise?

They learn that Dad refused to get surgery for patellar tendinitis and therefore, wasn’t allowed to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Josh also discovers that Dad has hypertension, which makes Dad’s fainting episodes and bloody noses start to make more sense.

What are the basketball rules in the crossover?

Terms in this set (10)

  • Rule #1. -family is court; ball is heart; always leave heart on court. …
  • Rule #2. -random text from dad. …
  • Rule #3. -never let anyone lower your goals; the sky is the limit; always shoot for the sun and you will shine. …
  • Rule #4. …
  • Rule #5. …
  • Rule #6. …
  • Rule #7. …
  • Rule #8.
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What does JB look like in the crossover?

JB is Josh’s twin. Like Josh, he’s good at basketball, and to differentiate himself from his twin, he wears his hair shaved. He describes himself as the cool one, and he’s especially good at free throws.

What does Josh look like in the crossover?

He’s nearly six feet tall and has a twin, JB. Both are skilled basketball players. Though Josh loves JB and being a twin, he also craves individuality. At the beginning of the novel he achieves this by wearing his hair in locks and reminding the reader several times that he’s the only player on the team who can dunk.

How does Josh apologize JB?

How does Josh apologize to Jordan? He doesn’t. He writes JB a letter. He tells JB to cut all of his hair again.

Why does Josh feel so alone?

Why is Josh feeling so alone? What evidence from the book tells you he feels this way? JB is spending too much time with Alexis. Josh now walks home alone, and is eating lunch without JB.

What did Dad advise Josh to do when JB wouldn’t talk to him?

Down on the court, JB is leading the team to victory. During a time-out, Josh tells Dad that JB won’t talk to him. Dad suggests that Josh needs to be patient, let things settle down, and maybe write JB a letter in the meantime. When Josh asks Dad what he should say, Dad doesn’t answer.

What does basketball Rule #1 mean in the crossover?

Josh Bell writes rules of basketball which mirror his rules for life. Here is Basketball Rule #1: In other words, your family, your team, and the people you care about should always have your heart and your love. This rule, and the others that appear in The Crossover, are rules that the Bell family learns to live by.

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How many rules are in the crossover?

-Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover contains ten basketball rules poems that apply to life.

What is a good quote from the crossover?

If you miss enough of life’s free throws, you will pay in the end.” “Always shoot for the sun and you will shine.” “When you stop playing your game you’ve already lost.” “If you miss enough of life’s free throws you will pay in the end.”

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