You asked: Why does St Louis not have a basketball team?

Has St. Louis ever had a NBA team?

St. Louis was home to two National Basketball Association (NBA) teams, the St. … Louis Hawks (1955–1968), who won the NBA Title in 1958, and also to the American Basketball Association (ABA)’s Spirits of St. Louis (1974–76), before the ABA–NBA merger.

Why does Missouri not have a NBA team?

The franchise split their home games in Kansas City and Omaha, thus adopting the Kansas City-Omaha Kings name. The Kings dropped the Omaha moniker in 1975, when they ceased to play in Omaha. So Missouri had their NBA team until 1985, when the Kings moved to Sacramento. And yes – Kansas City is in Missouri.

Does Missouri have an NBA team?

Missouri NBA Team

The Kansas City Kings, a NBA group, left town for Sacramento in 1985. … Missouri is the eighteenth most crowded state in the nation, home to the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues.

What cities do not have a basketball team?


St. Louis is the third-largest metro area without an NBA team, after Seattle and San Diego. As Kansas City is the traditional seat of Big Eight basketball, so too is St. Louis with the Missouri Valley Conference.

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What NBA team is closest to St Louis?

Enterprise Center has hosted NBA preseason games in the past, most recently in 2014. Most of these games have involved the closest team to St. Louis, the Chicago Bulls, who maintain a passionate fanbase in the area.

What sports teams play in Missouri?

Major league sports teams

Club Sport League
Kansas City Chiefs American football National Football League
Kansas City Royals Baseball Major League Baseball
Sporting Kansas City* Soccer Major League Soccer
St. Louis Blues Ice hockey National Hockey League

What NBA team does Kansas City root for?

Inside Kansas City’s Push to Host the Raptors With COVID-19 limiting travel between Canada and the United States, Kansas City is going all out to host the Toronto Raptors for the upcoming NBA season. After the 1984–85 NBA season, the Kansas City Kings left the middle-American city and headed for the West Coast.

Does Kansas City have a NBA team?

Subsequent events. Professional basketball returned to Kansas City in 1972 when the Cincinnati Royals relocated there and became the Kansas City Kings. The Kings left for Sacramento, California in 1985 and Kansas City has been without an NBA franchise since then.

What state has the most teams in the NBA?

California contains the most NBA teams (4) out of any state.

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