You asked: What is the longest shot ever made in NBA history?

With one second to go, Davis got the ball and launched a cannonball from 92-feet which didn’t even hit the rim. To this day, Davis’ breathtaking shot is still the longest made shot in NBA history.

Why does Shawn Marion shot like that?

‘ ” The origins of the shot are unclear, because Marion refuses to explain it. Sparks said the form was well established by the time Marion arrived at Vincennes as a 17-year-old. He theorized that Marion started shooting that way as a skinny, weak-armed youngster who had no other way to get the ball to the basket.

Who has the longest 3 point shot?

The longest shot is 89 feet, made by Baron Davis in 2001 with the Charlotte Hornets. In the match against the Milwaukee Bucks, Baron Davies attempted this legendary long-range shot just 0.7 seconds from the end of the third quarter, as a defender marked him closely.

Who hit the most half-court shots?

The current record holder for most half-court shots in a minute is Green Bay point guard Eric Valentin, with eight shots scored in 60 seconds. Though, a kid named Adam Beatrice has released a video of him making ten half-court shots in a minute.

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