Why is it easier to balance a basketball on your finger if it’s spinning?

If the basketball comes off balance, your finger will still exert a torque on it to roll it off, but it takes longer to change the angular momentum of the spinning ball, so you have more time to correct your finger and keep it balanced.

Why is it easier to balance a spinning basketball on your finger than a non spinning one?

Now, if the spinning basketball falls over, its whole angular momentum changes. This change in angular momentum will be large; . Such a large change in angular momentum requires a large torque (or rotational force). That means it is far easier to balance a spinning basketball than to balance a stationary one.

How do you balance a spinning basketball on your finger?

Here’s his tutorial.

  1. Line up the lines on the basketball vertically in the palm of your writing hand.
  2. Try to spin the ball with one hand by throwing it straight up out of your palm while spinning the ball. …
  3. When the ball comes back down to your hand, straighten your pointer finger for it to land on.

What forces help keep a spinning basketball on your finger?

Centripetal force is applied to spinning a basketball on a finger at a particular point. At that point, the basketball applies one force on the person spinning it, while we apply two forces on the basketball. The result is a nonuniform circular motion.

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Does more inertia mean faster?

Inertia is a force. Inertia is a force which keeps stationary objects at rest and moving objects in motion at constant velocity. Fast-moving objects have more inertia than slow-moving objects.

Is spinning a basketball on your finger a rotation or revolution?

You can use a basketball spinning on a finger as an example of rotation. Rotation causes day and night, and the tilt of the axis (23 ½ o) causes the seasons.

Why does the ball spin?

As the ball propagates through the air, the speed of air on left side of the ball is lower as compared to the right side of ball due to the revolutions on the ball(the spinning ball causes air to move in one direction on one side and opposite direction on the other side).

What causes a ball to spin?

The ball will spin if the fingers drag up, down or across the back of the ball as it comes out of the hand, due to the tangential friction force between the ball and the fingers.

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