Why does the NBA play on Christmas Day?

Thus, the NBA is the only league to regularly schedule games on December 25. In the early days, regional proximity dictated most of the matchups. Teams would usually play their geographical rivals to cut down on holiday travel and to allow them to have more time with their families. According to Dr.

What NBA teams always play on Christmas Day?

The Bucks will host a Christmas Day game for the first time since 1968, their inaugural NBA season. The Lakers will play on Christmas Day for the 22nd straight year. They have the most all-time wins on Christmas Day with 23. The Mavericks will play on Christmas Day for the first time since 2011.

Does NBA play on Christmas?

The NBA will feature five games on Christmas Day (Saturday, Dec. 25) for the 14th year in a row, with ESPN or ABC televising each matchup.

Christmas Day (Dec. 25, 2021)

Road Team Dallas Mavericks
Home Team Utah Jazz
Time (ET) 10:30 p.m.
Network ESPN

How can I watch NBA on Christmas Day?

The NBA season typically has its unofficial start on Christmas Day.

NBA Christmas schedule 2020.

Game Time Channel
Pelicans vs. Heat Noon ESPN
Warriors vs. Bucks 2:30 p.m. ABC
Nets vs. Celtics 5 p.m. ABC
Mavericks vs. Lakers 8 p.m. ABC/ESPN

Why is there no NFL on Christmas?

The league also came under fire from some quarters for intruding on a traditional religious and family holiday, and a Kansas state legislator proposed a bill to ban the scheduling of future games on December 25. As a result, the NFL decided to not schedule any Christmas Day games for the next 17 seasons.

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Has there ever been an NFL game on a Friday?

Since high school and college teams typically play games on Friday and Saturday, respectively, the NFL cannot hold games on those days until those seasons generally end in mid-December. From 1961 through 1977, the NFL schedule consisted of fourteen regular season games played over fourteen weeks, except in 1966.

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