Why are Croatians so good at basketball?

Why are Croatians so athletic?

Croats tend to be tall on average, which can give them an advantage in sports like basketball and volleyball. Croats, especially Dalmatians, tend to have healthy physiques because of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. This can give them an athletic advantage in some sports.

What sports is Croatia good at?

The most popular individual sports in Croatia are tennis, alpine skiing, and swimming, and to some extent table tennis and chess. Various amateur sport games are popular in Croatia, notably picigin.

Why are Serbs so good at basketball?

Serbias success in basketball is because of mixture of talent, good basketball coaching, tradition and collective playstyle.

Why is Croatia good at soccer?

Basically their secret is a high pressing tactically profficient well orgainized team, with an insanely gifted and talented midfield with players that can partake and alternate anywhere on the midfield, and tall, strong yet pacey strikers that are very good with the ball at their feet and equally so on aereal threats.

Why are Croats so tall?

The young men’s stature is particularly impressive considering Croatia’s depressed economic conditions relative to the rest of Europe, leading to a relatively poor diet for the average Croat, the researchers write. This suggests their prodigious height can be attributed to genetics.

Why are Balkans so good at basketball?

Cultivated from a young age, focus on being smart ahead of athletic, team spirit, lot of games for young players (sometimes 3 per day for different age groups if they’re better than their peers), cheaper sport than football etc. Its all about tradition. Serbia is the best basketball team of all balkan countries.

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