Who’s the winningest coach in the NBA?

And coming in as the NBA coach with the most NBA Finals wins is Phil Jackson with 11 and he’s the only coach in history to have double-digit title wins (per Hispanos NBA).

How many NBA coaches won 500 games?

There are three coaches in NBA history with 500 wins who have won 60 percent of both their regular and postseason games. They are Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and Gregg Popovich.

Who is the winningest coach of all time?

Hall of Fame head coach Don Shula holds the record for the most regular season wins with 328. Among active coaches, Bill Belichick has the most regular season wins with 280. Belichick also holds the record for the most postseason wins, with 31.

What NBA team has the best record of all time?

Golden State Warriors: 73-9, 2015-16

Golden State delivered the greatest regular-season performance we’ve ever seen, setting NBA records in the process. The Warriors broke the single-season record for wins, started the year 24-0 and never lost consecutive games in the regular season.

Who is the best NBA coach of all time?

Phil Jackson

Jackson arguably is the most successful and greatest coach in NBA history, with a total of 13 NBA rings. He surpasses Red Auerbach’s record of nine wins as he won a record 11 NBA title in his career as a coach and two as a player.

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Who is the longest tenured coach in the NBA?

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra is the second longest-tenured NBA head coach, having been head coach of the Heat since the 2008–09 season. No active head coaches have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as coaches.


Head coach Erik Spoelstra*
Team Miami Heat
L Current 424
Win% .589
GC Career 1,031
Playing basketball