Who is the deepest team in the NBA?

The Los Angeles Clippers are the deepest team in the league.” How does a team that lost the Sixth Man of the Year manage to stake a claim to the deepest roster?

What is the lowest NBA team?

Worst NBA Teams Ever

Worst 82-Game NBA Records In History (Through 72 Games)
72-73 Philadelphia 76ers 9
92-93 Dallas Mavericks 8
97-98 Denver Nuggets 8

Which NBA team has the lowest average height?

The Chicago Bulls had the NBA’s tallest team in terms of average height (6-foot-7.55), while the Boston Celtics were the smallest team in terms of average height (6-foot-4.49).

Who is #1 in the NBA?


1 Jazz Z 28-14
2 Suns Y 30-12
3 Nuggets X 26-16
4 Clippers X 27-15

Has any NBA team went 82 0?

No this has never happened, and it probably will never happen. This is because if a team is close to getting 0–82, then they likely won’t sell any tickets, which would result in the NBA getting involved.

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