Who is the best power forward in the NBA currently?

Hollinger Stats – Player Efficiency Rating – Qualified Power Forwards
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL 29.24
2 Zion Williamson, NO 27.17
3 Kevin Durant, BKN 26.44

Who is considered the best power forward?

The Top 50 Power Forwards of All-Time: The Big Fundamental and The Mailman Top the List

Rank Name PTS/G
1 Tim Duncan 19
2 Karl Malone 25
3 Kevin Garnett 17.8
4 Dirk Nowitzki 20.7

What NBA team has a bad power forward?

The Houston Rockets had the worst record by a team in 2020-21, with a record of 28-74.

Chicago Bulls 2020-21 1.4
Sacramento Kings 2020-21 1.2
San Antonio Spurs 2020-21 0.8
Charlotte Hornets 2020-21 1.3

Is LeBron James a point forward?

The most obvious point forward example is LeBron James. Even since his first NBA game, James has been an avid ball handler and distributor, creating openings for teammates by threatening with his scoring prowess. Other historically significant point forwards include Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Ben Simmons.

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