Who dunked on Patrick Ewing?

(1994) Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing.

Who dunked on Ewing?

Pippen posted to his Twitter account a picture of his iconic dunk over Patrick Ewing from the 1994 playoffs with the simple phrase “‘scuse me.” But there was nothing gentlemanly about Pippen’s vicious posterization of Ewing, who he shoved and stood over after his wreckage brought down the house at the old Chicago …

Who dunked on Scottie Pippen?

(1994) Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing

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What game did Michael Jordan dunk on Patrick Ewing?

Michael Jordan once said his favorite dunk was the one over Patrick Ewing during Game 3 of the opening round of the 1991 playoffs, per NBA 2K: “I told [Patrick Ewing] ‘Georgetown guys don’t block shots all they do is take charges’ … and I dunked it so hard on him it was unbelievable.

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