Which state produces the most college basketball players?

What state produces the most basketball players?

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  • Prince George’s County, Maryland and Washington, D.C. …
  • New Jersey. …
  • Houston, Texas. …
  • Seattle, Washington. …
  • Dallas, Texas. Top five homegrown players: …
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Top five homegrown players: …
  • Chicago, Illinois. Top five homegrown players: …
  • Los Angeles, California. Top five homegrown players:

Which state produces the most d1 basketball players?

Maryland produces the highest percentage of college basketball recruits of any state – The Washington Post.

What state is the biggest basketball state?

Through the 2009-2010 NBA season, 152 Hoosier athletes have played professional basketball in the world’s top league. Considering the size of the state (population 6.4 million), this makes Indiana high schools by far the most successful at developing NBA players per capita.

What city are most NBA players from?

A better question is, which NBA city could form the best team comprised of current NBA players? (For the record, California has the most players in the league. And there is A LOT of talent from Los Angeles.

What state is known as the basketball capital of the world?

Chicago is the basketball capital of the world.

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Who has the best basketball stats?


Rank Player PER
1. Michael Jordan* 27.91
2. LeBron James 27.39
3. Anthony Davis 27.10
4. Shaquille O’Neal* 26.43

Which state loves football most?


State Rank: Love to Watch Sports on TV Favorite Sport
West Virginia 1 Football
Wyoming 2 Football
Pennsylvania 3 Football
North Dakota 4 Football

Which city has the best Hoopers?

Best Cities for Basketball Fans

Overall Rank City Total Score
1 Los Angeles, CA 65.25
2 Boston, MA 59.26
3 Salt Lake City, UT 50.02
4 Philadelphia, PA 47.35

What state produces the most athletes?

California leads the way with 126 Olympians, according to one analysis. This is more than double the number of athletes produced by any other state, making up over 20% of the U.S. Team. Florida has produced the second-highest number of Olympians (51 athletes), and Colorado third (34).

Which college has the most NBA players?

Colleges with the most players on 2020-21 NBA rosters

School Number
Texas 11
Villanova 9
Washington 9
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