Where does the basketball diaries take place?

The 1995 film “The Basketball Diaries” is set in the slums of Manhattan where a high school basketball player, Jim Carroll (DiCaprio), and his friends ultimately take a sharp nosedive into the tragic world of drug addiction. It is a stomach-wrenching glimpse into the lives of those addicted to heroin and other drugs.

What year does Basketball Diaries take place?

Fall 1963. In the first entry of The Basketball Diaries, a thirteen-year-old Carroll uses a fake birth certificate from his coach, Lefty, to get into a twelve-and-under basketball league. Carroll and his friends sniff cleaning fluid to get high, steal purses, and steal from another basketball team.

Is The Basketball Diaries true story?

Just because the heralded Basketball Diaries, penned by real-life survivor, Jim Carroll (DiCaprio’s character), vividly recounts a New York youth’s descent into a world of filth, pimps and needle-sharing derelicts, that is scant excuse for a screen adaptation. … Right off, Jim Carroll is depicted as a toughie.

What drugs do they do in The Basketball Diaries?

Then the gang discovers harder drugs, first cocaine and pills and later heroin. Soon they are mugging old ladies, crying, sniveling and getting so sick they can barely stand. It’s even more tedious than it sounds.

Is The Basketball Diaries sad?

(end spoiler) “Diaries” is both touching and sad, but more importantly, it’s powerful. Leonardo DiCaprio was perfect as Jim Carroll, if not a little scrawny for a basketball player. … DiCaprio’s wailings and whinings were spot-on, ’cause that is exactly how *I* sound when I cry (and I mean, REALLY cry).

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What is the theme of Basketball Diaries?

Sticking to themes of alienation, addiction, sexual abuse, and violence in the inner-city, the film’s biggest strength is in its strong cast.

Why can’t you stream The Basketball Diaries?

‘The Basketball Diaries’ starred Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg. It’s available for some cable subscribers but because of rights issues it’s not streaming digitally. It turns out that “The Basketball Diaries” didn’t even follow that corporate path.

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