When was the golden age of the NBA?

The 1980s were the NBA’s golden age.

When was the golden age Waa?

Golden Age, in Latin literature, the period, from approximately 70 bc to ad 18, during which the Latin language was brought to perfection as a literary medium and many Latin classical masterpieces were composed.

Which era of NBA was the best?

The 80s were one of the greatest eras of basketball ever. In this gritty age of the game, many of the greats played including Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Dominique Wilkins. Lakers point guard and Abdul-Jabbar’s partner in crime, Magic Johnson was the best in the decade.

What was golden about the golden age?

By extension, “Golden Age” denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity. During this age, peace and harmony prevailed in that people did not have to work to feed themselves for the earth provided food in abundance.

Were the 1950’s the golden age of America?

For many Americans, the 1950s were the golden age of American history. When asked when America was great, Donald Trump pointed to the post-war era of the 1940s and 1950s. America was the world’s unquestioned economic, political, and military power.

What is the modern NBA era?

1980s. The 1980s are generally regarded as the beginning of the modern era. The league added a three-point line in 1979, instituted its 16-team postseason in 1984 and expanded from 18 teams in the mid-1970s to 27 by 1989.

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Is 50 years old a Golden Age?

It’s when you turn double the age of the day you were born on, (turning 24 on the 12th). Turning 50 has also been considered a golden birthday year, and many people choose to decorate with black and gold.

Why is it called the Silver Age?

After Cronus was exiled, the world was ruled by Zeus. The Olympians made a second generation of men and the age was called silver because the race of man was less noble than the race of the Golden Age.

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