What was Kobe Bryant best year?

Season 2007–08*
Rebounds per game 6.3
Assists per game 5.4
Steals per game 1.8
Blocks per game .5

What year was Kobe Bryant’s best year?

The 2005-2006 NBA season was Kobe Bryant’s peak year for individual achievements. Bryant had the mind-boggling stats of 35.4 points per game on efficient shooting percentages from the field. This was the season with his infamous 81-point game as the second-highest scoring performance ever.

What was Kobe’s highest average?

Over the course of 13 games in January 2006, Bryant averaged an incredible 43.4 points per game, marking the greatest scoring month of his illustrious career.

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

How much older is Kobe than LeBron?

At 41, Bryant was just six years older than James — but Bryant came from a different generation, from an era that overlapped with the late stages of Jordan’s career. In that sense, Bryant was the bridge that linked Jordan to James, who entered the N.B.A.

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