What NBA player did Sundy Carter date?

What basketball player did Sundy Carter date?

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was previously married to Cedric Carter. She has children named Deja, KK, and Kennedy, one of which was with former NBA player Larry Hughes while Hughes was married to another woman.

Who is Sundy from Basketball Wives baby daddy?

Sundy Carter Speaks On Having A BABY With MARRIED NBA Baller Larry Hughes, “I Didn’t Impregnate Myself” Sundy has a 6-year-old named Kennedy Elle (above) with former NBA player Larry Hughes.

Is Sundy Carter engaged?

Sundy Carter was glowing as she coyly tried to avoid confirming whether or not she’s engaged. … “I’m not going to answer that question,” said Sundy, adding that she is very happy in her relationship.”I do have a love of a life.” When asked if she plans to marry her current beau, Sundy said, “Of course!

Who is Cedric Carter?

Cedric Carter is a famous Reality Star, who was born on November 11, 1966 in United States. He and Benzino both appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars 4.

Who is Larry Hughes wife?

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