What is the highest scoring college basketball game ever?

Highest-scoring game in NCAA history
1 2 Total DeVry 53 88 141 Troy State 123 135 258
Date January 12, 1992
Arena Sartain Hall
Location Troy, Alabama

What is the most points ever scored in a college basketball game?

The statistic shows the single-game individual scoring records of NCAA Division I college basketball as of 2021. Kevin Bradshaw scored a record 72 points in a 1991 Division I basketball game between Alliant International and Loyola Marymount.

Has there ever been a 200 point basketball game?

Originally Answered: Has there ever been a 200 point basketball game? In 1983 the Pistons won a triple overtime game, 186–184. That’s the highest NBA score for a team. No team has scored 200 points in a game though.

What is the highest scoring game in the NCAA?

The Running Rebels would go on to beat Duke in the national championship that year, 103-73 — a game that happens to be the highest-scoring championship game in modern tournament history.

The highest scoring games in NCAA March Madness history.

Total 264
Winning team 11-seed Loyola Marymount
Score 149
Losing team 3-seed Michigan
Score 115

What is the largest blowout in NBA history?

What is the biggest blowout in NBA history? The biggest blowout in NBA history was when the Charlotte Hornets destroyed the Memphis Grizzlies 140-79 in the 2018-2019 NBA Season. In an NBA game, the match can’t end in a draw. There should be a winner does not matter how many overtimes the game will take.

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Who scored 100 points in college?


Points Player Team
113 Clarence “Bevo” Francis (2) Rio Grande College
109 Jack Taylor (2) Grinnell College
100+ Paul Arizin* Villanova University
100 J.J. Culver Wayland Baptist University

Has any NBA team gone undefeated?

Throughout the history of the league, no team has ever completed a perfect season.

Can you score 200 points in a NBA game?

No NBA team has scored more than points in a single game. The Detriot Pistons came the closest to achieving this feat in 1983. … Even though we had numerous matches when both teams crossed a mark of 150 points still there has no been a game where any NBA team scored more than 200 points including overtime.

What is Michael Jordan’s lowest scoring game?

Michael Jordan had his fewest points in a game on December 15, 2002 and on April 2, 2002, with 2 points.

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