What is the highest score in dunk shot?

How do you get a high score on dunk shot?

Just pull the ball back and aim in the direction you want to send the ball flying. The more you pull back, the more power the shot will have. You may need to do a few test shots, so you can get a feel for how far you need to yank the ball in order to achieve the power level you want.

How do you win a dunk shot?

Dunk Shot Tips & Strategies

  1. Bonuses are King. With a timer and a limited number of balls, you only get so many shots in a game of Dunk Shot. …
  2. Keep the Ball in the Air. Like with most games with timers, your efficiency is very important in Dunk Shot. …
  3. Mind the Shadow.

What is a dunk streak in flappy dunk?

If your ball falls through the hoop without touching the rim you will get a swish which rewards you with double points. If you get multiple swishes in a row you will get a streak which will get you double points on the first, triple points on the second, then finally quadruple points on the third consecutive swish.

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