What is OPP PPG basketball?

PPG is a stat that has something to do with the most crucial statistic in basketball: points. The abbreviation stands for Points Per Game, which is basically the average points scored by a player per game. … Player A scores points in all the games he has played during the season.

What does OPP stand for in basketball?

Opp – Opponent. ORB – Offensive Rebounds (available since the 1973-74 season in the NBA) ORB% – Offensive Rebound Percentage (available since the 1970-71 season in the NBA); the formula is 100 * (ORB * (Tm MP / 5)) / (MP * (Tm ORB + Opp DRB)).

What is the average PPG for an NBA player?

The NBA scoring average per game is currently around 113 points. With a 13 player active roster, that comes out to 113/13= 8.7 points per game per player.

Who has the highest offensive rating in the NBA?


Rank Player ORtg
1. Rudy Gobert 126.06
2. Nikola Jokić 122.62
3. Chris Paul 122.58
4. Reggie Miller* 121.48

How do you calculate PPG?

Points Per Game (PPG) is a statistical measure of a player’s scoring per game. It is simply calculated by taking total points, and dividing it by total games. It can be considered for either a team, or a player, over a season, career, or a stretch.

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What is a good ORtg?

Offensive Rating (ORtg) is derived from a complicated formula that KenPom uses to measure the overall offensive efficiency of a player. An ORtg of 110 is considered good and a ORtg of 120 or more is considered outstanding.

Who has the most PPG in the NBA 2021?

2020-2021 NBA Season Leaders

Season Leaders – ESPN Rating
1 Nikola Jokic, C 26.4
2 Giannis Antetokounmpo, PF 28.1
3 James Harden, SG 24.6

Who has the best stats in NBA history?

NBA all-time stats leaders

  • Points. K. Abdul-Jabbar 38,387. Karl Malone. 36,928. LeBron James* 35,367. Kobe Bryant. 33,643. …
  • Rebounds. W. Chamberlain 23,924. Bill Russell. 21,620. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 17,440. Elvin Hayes. 16,279. …
  • Assists. John Stockton 15,806. Jason Kidd. 12,091. Steve Nash. 10,335. Mark Jackson. 10,334. Chris Paul*
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