What is hedging in basketball?

Hedging is a common defensive concept used when guarding against pick-and-rolls and screens. The defender who is guarding the offensive player who sets the screen jumps out higher than his man or “hedges” the ball handling offensive player giving his defender time to recover and stay with him.

What does it mean to hedge a pick and roll?

Hedge: The screener’s defender stays attached or within arms length of his man. That man (usually a big) jumps out on the ball handler just long enough to slow him down, while the original on-ball defender slides under the screen and attempts to meet the ball handler before he can turn the corner into the key.

What is hedge screening?

A hedge in basketball refers to hedging a screen (AKA pick) set in basketball. When an offensive player without the ball moves in to set a screen on a defender guarding an offensive player with the ball (called an on-ball screen), the off-ball defender must allow space for his teammate to get through the screen.

What is a soft hedge basketball?

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo uses a “feather” or “soft” lateral hedge, meaning the screener’s defender uses a lateral step to flatten the ball handler and prevents a big man from getting caught in the long recovery of a hard hedge.

How do you defend a high ball screen?

To defend the pick and roll at the wing or centerfield, here are some tactics:

  1. Trap the dribbler and go over the screen.
  2. Hard show and go over.
  3. Pinch, squeeze, or push up and under or through.
  4. Trap and aggressively switch the rescreen.
  5. Show and go under.
  6. Stop the dribbler and go over.
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