What is chest pass basketball?

It is thrown by gripping the ball on the sides with the thumbs directly behind the ball. When the pass is thrown, the fingers are rotated behind the ball and the thumbs are turned down. The resulting follow through has the back of the hands facing one another with the thumbs straight down.

When should you use a chest pass during a basketball game?

The chest pass is the most common pass they will throw in a game when there isn’t a defensive player between them and a teammate. To execute this pass, start with the ball held in two hands chest- high and close to the body. Elbows should be tucked in and fingers spread around the ball with thumbs up.

What are 2 defense techniques in basketball?

There are two main types of team defense: man-to-man and zone.

What is dribbling the ball?

What Is Dribbling in Basketball? In basketball, dribbling is a fundamental skill in which a player uses one hand to continuously bounce the ball on the court. Dribbling helps you control the ball, advance it toward the hoop, and create distance between you and your defender.

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