What is a top lock in basketball?

Term: Top-Lock. Definition: A technique in which a defender, in anticipation of a pindown or stagger, plants himself between his man and the screen to induce a backdoor cut. Synonyms: Top. Explanation: The top-lock is a less frequent pindown defense mostly reserved for wide pindowns or staggers out of the corner.

What is a lock basketball?

Term: Lock and Trail. Definition: A technique in which a defender follows the path of an offensive player receiving an off-ball screen while physically preventing him from cutting backdoor. Synonyms: Lock and Go.

What does lock it up mean in basketball?

lock him up. What Is The Definition Of Lock Him Up? 1. This refers to when a defensive player plays good, hard and aggressive defense against an opponent.

What does English mean in basketball?

English is an all time top scorer, who scored with technique rather than strength or speed. –

What are 2 defensive strategies?

There are three strategies considered as essential elements of defensive strategy:

  • Retrenchment.
  • Divestiture.
  • Liquidation.

What is the best defense in basketball?

The man-to-man defense is the most common basketball defense at all levels and for a very good reason… It’s the best defense for development and preparing your players to defend against anyone and in any competition.

What are the 2 main passes used in basketball?

There are essentially two types of passes: Air Pass – The pass travels between players without hitting the floor. Bounce Passes – The pass is thrown to the floor so that it bounces to the intended receiver.

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What does trail mean in basketball?

A trail pass is a pass made to a trailer.

It is essentially a backwards pass made to a player closer to half court than the ball is.

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