What is a double drag in basketball?

Term: Double Drag. Definition: Two consecutive ball-screens set in transition or semi-transition by trailers who run into the screen from an angle perpendicular to the ball-handler.

What is a double drag screen?

Instead of Spain action, double drag screens have been an overwhelmingly large part of the Atlanta offense this year. … Double drag screens, in which two players set staggered ball screens across the top of the key, allow Young to move toward his stronger right hand and have a lot of similarities to Spain pick-and-roll.

What does drag mean in basketball?

Definition: A ball-screen set in transition or semi-transition by a trailer who runs into the screen from an angle perpendicular to the ball-handler. Synonyms: N/A. Explanation: Transition basketball is chaotic.

What does a single mean in basketball?

1. A phrase used to describe when an offensive player is fouled while making a shooting attempt, however the player then makes the shot and is then granted one free throw. When a player says “and one”, it refers to them getting “one” free throw attempt.

What does Trailer mean in basketball?

Trailer – An offensive player who ​plays behind the basketball as it’s been advanced up the court. This player is usually one of the post players and should always be in position for a safety pass across court if the point guard gets trapped.

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How does a screen work in basketball?

A screen, also called a “pick” is a legal block set by an offensive player on the side of or behind a defender in order to free a teammate to take a shot or receive a pass. … Once you have played the game for a while, and you know how to screen, you will start to do it naturally.

What is hard hedge in basketball?

The hedge or hard hedge, as most persons will call it, is a technique that the ball screen defender uses to prevent the ball handler from entering the lane.

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