What happens to the 9th seed NBA?

If the ninth seed within a conference would have finished the regular season within four games of the eighth seed, they would have then competed in a play-in series. The last time a play-in game was played to determine a playoff spot was in 1956.

What happens to the 9th seed?

If the eighth seed wins then they will advance to the first round of the playoffs to face the Los Angeles Lakers. If the ninth seed wins on Saturday, then the two teams will have a rematch on Sunday at 1:30 p.m. PT where the winner will advance to the postseason.

How does the 9th seed work in NBA?

This means that the teams with the seventh-highest and eighth-highest winning percentages will have two opportunities to win one game to earn a playoff spot, while the teams with the ninth-highest and 10th-highest winning percentages need to win two straight games to advance.

What is 9th seed in NBA?

The No. 9 seed faces the No. 10 seed in each conference. The loser of that game is eliminated from playoff contention and will be in the lottery.

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How does the 8th and 9th seed work NBA?

eighth place game will host the winner of the ninth place vs. 10th place game in a one-game matchup. The winner of that game will earn the No. 8 seed in the playoffs, and the loser of that game will be eliminated.

What does 9th seed mean?

9 seed will need to win twice to make the playoffs. The No. 8 seed will need just a single victory. So, if the Trail Blazers win Saturday, then the tournament will end there. If the Grizzlies win Saturday, then that will set up a winner-take-all scenario Sunday.

How does the 8th and 9th seed work?

The team with the 9th-highest winning percentage in each conference will host the team with the 10th-highest winning percentage in the “Nine-Ten Game”. The loser of the Seven-Eight Game will host the winner of the Nine-Ten Game in a Play-In Game, and the winner of that game in each conference will earn the No. 8 seed.

Who has home court advantage in NBA Finals?

The Bucks, champions of the Eastern Conference, play the Phoenix Suns, the Western Conference champs, for the Larry O’Brien Trophy, in a best-of-seven series beginning Tuesday. The Suns, the second seed in the Western Conference, have homecourt advantage in the NBA Finals after going 51-21 in the regular season.

Does NBA reseed in Playoffs 2021?

Each conference’s bracket was fixed; there was no reseeding. All rounds were best-of-seven series; the series ended when one team won four games, and that team advanced to the next round. All rounds, including the NBA Finals, were in a 2–2–1–1–1 format.

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Which NBA team is in first place?


Team OPPG Points allowed average
1 Utah – z 107.2
2 Phoenix – y 109.5
3 Denver – x 110.1

Whats the worst team in the NBA 2021?

The Houston Rockets had the worst record by a team in 2020-21, with a record of 17-55.

Indiana Pacers 2020-21 34-38
Boston Celtics 2020-21 36-36
Memphis Grizzlies 2020-21 38-34
Golden State Warriors 2020-21
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