What gum did Michael Jordan use?

The watermelon flavored Bubblicious was reportedly his favorite type of gum. He liked it so much, a Chicago Bulls ball boy once ran five blocks to find him some before a game.

Did Michael Jordan chew gum on the court?

“[Michael Jordan] used to always have gum in his mouth, chewing it while we was waiting for free throws or something like that. … “I think a lot of guys did start chewing gum because of Jordan, and watching him,” he said. “And it just became a habit for other guys.

Did MJ chew gum while he played?

Michael Jordan was a prolific gum-chewer when he played in the NBA. There’s a reason for that: Chewing gum has been proven to provide athletes a boost.

Why did Michael Jordan chew gum when playing?

Gum is for baseball players that is why mj did it. I have a feeling he just truly wanted to play baseball but he was the goat of basketball so he had a duty to do it. It was his father’s dream for Michael to play professional baseball, not his. I have seen David West chew gum a couple times last season.

What are the benefits of chewing gum?

Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

  • Burning calories. You may burn 11 calories per hour that you chew gum. …
  • Improving your memory. Chewing gum boosts blood flow to your brain, which may help improve your memory.
  • Fighting sleepiness. If you feel tired, chew some gum to stay alert.
  • Eliminating nausea.
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Can you chew gum while playing sports?

* Gum chewing during sports is low risk. Chew if you like to, but there are few if any performance benefits. * No gum chewing during sports for kids 5 and younger due to a higher choking risk. * The chewed mouthguard is the new fad in the NBA, replacing gum for many elite players.

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