What does Per mean in basketball?

The Player Efficiency Rating (PER) is a per-minute rating developed by ESPN.com columnist John Hollinger. In John’s words, “The PER sums up all a player’s positive accomplishments, subtracts the negative accomplishments, and returns a per-minute rating of a player’s performance.”

What is a good PER in basketball?

Introduction. PER strives to measure a player’s per-minute performance, while adjusting for pace. A league-average PER is always 15.00, which permits comparisons of player performance across seasons.

Is a high PER good in basketball?

A PER of 30 over a span of more than a few games is considered exceptionally high. According to the modified PER formula used at Basketball-Reference.com, the highest PER ever achieved over an entire single season in the NBA was 31.90 by Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2019–20.

Is PER a flawed stat?

The player efficiency rating (PER) is a rating of a player’s per-minute productivity. PER is rightly cited as one of the godfather stats of the advanced analytics movement in basketball. … PER is still commonly cited on broadcasts and in the media. It is also deeply flawed.

Who was the lowest paid NBA player?

Scottie Pippen is the lowest-paid player in the NBA. No one actually forced Scottie Pippen to sign a 7 year, 18 Million Dollar contract, which is considered as one of the smallest contract ever in the history of the NBA.

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What is real plus minus in basketball?

Real Plus Minus (RPM) is the player’s average impact in terms of net point differential per 100 offensive and defensive possessions. … Defensive Real Plus-Minus: (DRPM): Player’s average impact on his team’s defensive performance, by the points allowed per 100 offensive possessions.

Is basketball reference accurate?

Basketball-Reference provides TS% for each player on their personal page (just search for the player) as well as league leaders in the category by year. … They also have them for each player on their player pages (just search for the player).

What are the most important stats in basketball?

Efficiency- The Most Important Stat in Basketball

  • Effective field goal percentage (eFG%) …
  • True shooting percentage (TS%) …
  • Player efficiency rating (PER) …
  • Offensive and defensive rating (ORtg, DRtg)

Who has the highest PER in the NBA 2021?

2020-21 Hollinger NBA Player Statistics – All Players

Hollinger Stats – Player Efficiency Rating – Qualified Players
1 Nikola Jokic, DEN 31.36
2 Joel Embiid, PHI 30.32
3 Giannis Antetokounmpo, MIL 29.24
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