What do you wear with Nike basketball shoes?

If you want the color of your shoes to pop, wear a darker pair of jeans. For a more tailored effect, tuck your jeans slightly into your shoes. Plus, you should avoid wearing your basketball shoes with formal wear. Instead stick to casual items like cargo pants, slim fitted joggers, or shorts.

What pants go well with basketball shoes?

Sweatpants and high-tops will always be a solid combination because of athletics, but elasticated chinos and a pair of retro Air Jordans might not be the best move. As the sneaker gets higher and the jogger pant goes farther up your leg, you don’t want it to look like your calf is stretching the pant out.

Is it OK to run in basketball shoes?

While it is never recommended to use running shoes on a basketball court (they simply do not have the proper ankle support) basketball shoes can be used while running. … Even lighter basketball shoes have more weight than the average running footwear.

Can you wear Kobe’s with jeans?

The short answer is “do whatever you want.” Popped tongues were the move in the ’80s and ’90s, and would work equally well with jeans or joggers. And the Kobe 9, as high as they are, still aren’t nearly as bulky as the big-time late ’80s, early ’90s drops—Reebok Pumps, Nike Air Force Vs, Reebok 4600s.

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Why do NBA players wear 2 socks?

The double socking helps break in the shoes a little quicker. Double socking also is added protection against blisters, added support (although minute) to prevent ankle injuries, added protection for their calcaneus, and extra padding/cushioning for the high impacts of running/jumping and landing.

Do NBA players wear new shoes each game?

Each NBA player has their own shoe cycle

According to Basketball Noise, players will wear a pair of shoes for anywhere between four and 20 games. A kit manager for the Denver Nuggets said that each player goes through about 50 pairs during the regular season.

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