What do u call a basketball player?

Baller. The term baller originally referred to basketball players.

What is slang for playing basketball?

ball ballin hoop allen iverson hyperize hidden shaq attack shoot some hoops wet tree hockey bball jewtopia michael jordan nba nappy headed ho’s shoot hoop basketball jones dribble.

What is a Hooper?

noun. a person who makes or puts hoops on barrels, tubs, etc.; a cooper.

What does 6 up mean in basketball?

6 up means the game score is 6 tied to 6, “6 up high” or “6 up low” is sometimes used to differentiate between 6 – 6 vs 16 – 16.

What is a dime in basketball?

A “dime” in basketball is the same thing as an assist. For those unfamiliar, a basketball assist occurs when one player makes a pass to a teammate which leads that teammate to score a basket. … Assists are an important statistic kept for basketball players during each game.

What does F mean in basketball?

1 Center (C) 1 Flex Forward (F) – Both power forward and small forward players qualify. 1 Flex Guard (G) – Both point guard and shooting guard players qualify. 1 Point Guard (PG)

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