What did Kobe Bryant do after his career?

Bryant’s post-NBA life included sports-related ventures, notably the Mamba Sports Academy facilities in Thousand Oaks and Redondo Beach for current and aspiring athletes. He was in his second season coaching Gianna’s AAU basketball team, also known as “The Mambas” from Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname.

What did Kobe Bryant do to change the world?

Kobe’s lasting legacy had an impact on and off the court as he helped shift many perspectives and inspired others through his hard work, dedication, and passion for what he loved.

How much money did Kobe Bryant leave his wife?

How much money did Kobe leave his wife? However, according to TMZ, Kobe’s value is actually closer to $150 million, leaving Vanessa with a still-substantial $75 million but a full $105 million less than Rovell’s predicted total.

Why was Kobe admired?

There was so much to love about Kobe Bryant. I loved his talent. He was a marvel to watch on the basketball court, a pure scoring machine on offense and a tenacious defender as well. I loved how much he admired and emulated Michael Jordan.

How did Kobe become a Laker?

1996 NBA DRAFT. Bryant fell to the 13th overall pick, where the Charlotte Hornets drafted him before dealing him to the Lakers in exchange for center Vlade Divac, a move that is now considered a stroke of genius by former Lakers general manager Jerry West.

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