What company makes the Rock basketball?

Created by the New York based, family-owned, Anaconda Sports. A small brand compared to the big guys of the industry like Wilson and Spalding, The Rock basketball has gained a cult following used by the top players in the NBA.

Can you use the Rock Basketball outdoor?

The secure feel differentiates the rock ball from the rest of the basketballs, and you do not find it slipping from your hands like the ordinary balls. The ball is extremely reliable to handle; however, it is solely designed for indoor use, and using it outdoors will lead it to the wear soon.

Which basketball is the best?

Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball 2019 Reviews

Product Details
1. Wilson Evolution Game Basketball Editor’s Choice Check Price
2. Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Check Price
3. Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball Check Price
4. Baden Crossover Flex Composite Basketball Best Outdoor Only Check Price

What size basketball does a 13 year old use?

For boys, a size 6 basketball should be used between the ages of 12 and 13. For girls, a size 6 basketball should be used once they hit 12-years-old and is the official size used at the high school, college, and professional level. The circumference of the basketball should be 28.5″ and the weight 20 oz.

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