Was Michael Jordan in like Mike?

The film he picked was 2002’s “Like Mike,” starring rapper Lil’ Bow Wow as a young orphan named Calvin Cambridge who finds an old pair of (supposedly) Michael Jordan’s Nikes and makes a wish to be able to play basketball “like Mike.” After lightning strikes him and the shoes (yes, really), he is imbued with the “powers …

Do people call Michael Jordan Mike?

Let’s start with the two most simple nicknames: Mike and MJ. It’s actually a powerful testament to Jordan’s greatness that simply shortening his first name to Mike has become such an iconic nickname.

What shoes were used in Like Mike?

In Like Mike, co-produced by NBA Entertainment, hoops-loving Los Angeles orphan Calvin Cambridge (Lil’ Bow Wow, now Shad Moss) grabs a pair of Jordan’s (we assume, since the inside of the shoes has the initials “M.J.”) old Nikes (Carolina blue of course).

Who sang I want to be like Mike?

Will there be a Like Mike 3?

Of course, No ever Official Release date, and Official Production has ever made and canceled the Version of Their “Like Mike 3.” In August 2011, The official result of Like Mike 3 Version is Warner Brothers’ Thunderstruck as playing Kevin Durant himself was released in 2012.

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Is Like Mike Disney?

It was produced by NBA Productions, and features cameo appearances by NBA players. The film was released on July 3, 2002, by 20th Century Fox.

Like Mike
Production companies NBA Entertainment Heller Highwater Productions Josephson Entertainment
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date July 3, 2002

Are the LA Knights real?

The Los Angeles Knights are a fictitious NBA franchise featured in “Like Mike”. They are a representation of the real-life NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers. LA Knight is also the name of Eli Drake in NXT.

How much money did the Knights coach give Calvin for the candy bar?

2 How much money did the Knights coach give Calvin for the candy bar? The candy bar was only $2. From Quiz: Like Mike.

Where was Be Like Mike filmed?

The extensive basketball action was shot primarily at the Forum, in Los Angeles. Both home and away games were filmed on the famed Forum hardwood, with Vetter and crew constantly changing colors and logos on the floor.

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