Was Kobe Bryant Wife Pregnant?

Kobe Bryant’s Family Keeps Growing: Wife is Expecting Their Fourth Child. Kobe Bryant is bringing in 2019 with some great news! On New Years Day, the retired basketball star and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, revealed that they were expecting their fourth child—a little baby girl.

Is Vanessa Bryant going to have a baby?

Vanessa Bryant announced the birth of her and Kobe Bryant’s fourth daughter, Capri Kobe, on Instagram on Friday (h/t TMZ Sports). Kobe, an 18-time NBA All-Star who won five championships during his 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, also announced his daughter’s arrival on Instagram.

Did Kobe Bryant leave his mother anything?

The basketball legend, 41, who died alongside daughter Gianna, 13, in a fiery helicopter crash on Sunday, had a publicly strained relationship with his mom Pamela and dad Joe during his adult life. They initially fell out because Pamela and Joe didn’t approve of his relationship with future wife Vanessa.

Is Kobe Bryant’s wife pregnant 2021?

Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant announced Tuesday night that he and his wife, Vanessa, are expecting their fourth child — a baby girl, or as Bryant wrote, “another #mambacita.” The couple already has three daughters: Natalia, Gianna and Bianka. Bryant made the announcement on his Instagram account.

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When did Vanessa Bryant have a baby?

On May 1, 2006, she gave birth to Gianna Maria-Onore. On December 16, 2011, Vanessa filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, and the couple requested joint custody of their daughters. On January 11, 2013, she announced via social media that they had called off their divorce.

Does Vanessa Bryant speak to Kobe parents?

She went on honoring Kobe’s parents and family as saying, “Pam and Joe, thank you for raising Kobe to be exceptional. Thank you to all of Kobe’s family, Sharia, you have gone above and beyond.

Did Kobe’s parents go to his funeral?

Kobe Bryant’s parents Joe and Pamela Bryant didn’t attend Kobe’s wedding but they were present at Kobe’s funeral and his memorial service that was held at Staples Center. …

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

Does Vanessa Bryant have siblings?

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