Quick Answer: Who is transferring to IU basketball?

Indiana basketball: Transfer Michael Durr completes IU 2021-22 roster.

Which IU basketball players are in the transfer portal?


  • Al Durham, Guard — Transferred to Providence.
  • Armaan Franklin, Guard — Transferred to Virginia.
  • Race Thompson, Forward — Returning to Indiana.
  • Jordan Geronimo, Forward— Returning to Indiana.
  • Khristian Lander, Guard — Returning to Indiana.
  • Parker Stewart, Guard — Returning to Indiana.
  • Joey Brunk, Center — Uncommitted.

Who left IU?

Durr, a 7-foot center who averaged 8.8 points per game and 7.9 rebounds per game in his junior season at USF in 2020-21, fills the scholarship spot left by former IU forward Jerome Hunter, who left the program last week. The last IU basketball player 7-foot tall or taller was Peter Jurkin in the 2013-14 season.

How do I get into the transfer portal?

The portal is the first step in the application of the Division I notification of transfer and Division II permission to contact. Students are entered into the portal by a compliance administrator or designee. The student’s record is then managed by the compliance office, including the transfer tracer.

Who is the head coach of Indiana basketball?

How many IU players are transferring?

IU still has two players in the transfer portal: redshirt junior forward Race Thompson and sophomore guard Armaan Franklin. Follow IndyStar reporter Zach Osterman on Twitter: @ZachOsterman.

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How many IU basketball players are in the transfer portal?

Notes: Indiana had six players in the portal, but Stewart, Geronimo and Lander opted to return and Durham is headed to Providence. Two players remain in the portal as Mike Woodson attempts to build his first roster in Bloomington.

How is IU as a person?

IU is better described as a “real musician who makes music” rather than just a singer. What’s surprising is IU’s introverted nature, too. You’d think that a successful star like her would be outgoing and extroverted, but the truth is, IU actually has a shy and quiet personality. She’s really the best.

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