Quick Answer: Who Is The Basketball Diaries based on?

Jim Carroll, the poet and punk rocker in the outlaw tradition of Rimbaud and Burroughs who chronicled his wild youth in “The Basketball Diaries,” died on Friday at his home in Manhattan. He was 60. The cause was a heart attack, said Rosemary Carroll, his former wife.

Is The Basketball Diaries based on a true story?

Just because the heralded Basketball Diaries, penned by real-life survivor, Jim Carroll (DiCaprio’s character), vividly recounts a New York youth’s descent into a world of filth, pimps and needle-sharing derelicts, that is scant excuse for a screen adaptation. … Right off, Jim Carroll is depicted as a toughie.

What are they sniffing in The Basketball Diaries?

They sniff glue, moon tourists on the Circle Line cruise and give a hard time to a neighborhood junkie-hooker (played, inevitably, by Juliette Lewis). Then the gang discovers harder drugs, first cocaine and pills and later heroin.

Is The Basketball Diaries sad?

(end spoiler) “Diaries” is both touching and sad, but more importantly, it’s powerful. Leonardo DiCaprio was perfect as Jim Carroll, if not a little scrawny for a basketball player. … DiCaprio’s wailings and whinings were spot-on, ’cause that is exactly how *I* sound when I cry (and I mean, REALLY cry).

What killed Jim Carroll?

What is the main focus of basketball Diaries?

The 1995 film “The Basketball Diaries” is set in the slums of Manhattan where a high school basketball player, Jim Carroll (DiCaprio), and his friends ultimately take a sharp nosedive into the tragic world of drug addiction. It is a stomach-wrenching glimpse into the lives of those addicted to heroin and other drugs.

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How does The Basketball Diaries end?

Reggie finally has to leave Jim and go to work. Jim leaves the apartment and meets up with Mickey and tries to get some more drugs. The guy they buy them from sells them crap and they case them up onto a roof where he falls off and dies.

How can I watch The Basketball Diaries?

Watch The Basketball Diaries on Netflix Today! NetflixMovies.com.

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