Quick Answer: What other sports or activities did LeBron James enjoy?

What are LeBron James activities?

LeBron James work out 5-7 days per week. He does fitness classes such as versa climber, spin, and pilates. He often wakes at 5 am to exercise, even on days when he’s supposed to be resting.

What sports did LeBron James play in high school besides basketball?

He played both basketball and football in elementary and high school. He decided not to go to university. He wanted to play pro basketball instead. He was drafted first by his hometown, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Was LeBron James a multi sport athlete?

Before he dominated the NBA, James was a multisport athlete in high school that excelled on the football field and the hardwood. … During an interview with The Athletic, James revealed he considered joining the NFL during the NBA lockout in 2011—nearly a decade after he graduated from high school.

Who is the oldest player in the NBA?

Hickey is the oldest player to ever appear in an NBA game. He was 45 years and 363 days old when he played in 1948 for the Providence Steamrollers. The more modern comparison is Kevin Willis. He was 44 years and 224 days old when he played in a game with the Dallas Mavericks in 2007.

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How much sleep does LeBron get?

Per the podcast, Mancias regularly checks in with James to confirm that he’s getting his eight-plus hours of sleep each night.

How much does LeBron eat a day?

In the height of Olympic and NBA training, LeBron eats as many as 5,000 calories per day. Most of that will come from lean proteins and healthy fats. When he is in the offseason, he will likely eat less as he isn’t working out as much.

Why is LeBron James so good?

At different points in his career, he’s been elite — if not the very best in the league — in virtually every facet of the game. He led the league in scoring as a 23-year-old in Cleveland before he had anything close to an elite supporting cast, and he is still a wildly efficient, unstoppable finisher around the rim.

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