Quick Answer: Is Michael Jordan better than Stephen Curry?

NBA Analyst Ben Simmons made a case for Stephen Curry as the Greatest Offensive player of All-Time, puts him ahead of Michael Jordan. … Curry recently overtook Wilt Chamberlain for the Warriors’ All-Time leading points scorer, with his 53 points against the Denver Nuggets.

Who is better LeBron James or Curry?

James has more MVPs, more Finals, more NBA titles, and more accolades than Curry. Compared to 7-time All-Star and 6-time All-NBA performer Curry, LeBron has 17 All-Star Teams under his belt and 16 All-NBA Team selections.

Is Stephen Curry better than LeBron?

The consensus is Curry was better than James in the regular season, and more available to his team. … James, of course, was no slouch himself this season. He wound up playing in just 45 games, but still averaged 25.0 points, 7.8 assists and 7.7 rebounds per game.

Did LeBron beat Curry?

With less than one minute remaining in the fourth quarter, and the score tied at 100-100, LeBron James hit a deep three-pointer that ended up being the game’s final points scored, thus making it the game-winning shot. After the game, Steph Curry, who had 37-points on the night, spoke about the shot that James hit.

Can Stephen Curry become the goat?

No he hasn’t had the longevity, accolades, or stats to ever be considered a top 15 player of all time so Steph Curry will never be in the Goat conversation. Neither will KD for joining a 73 win team.

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Why isn’t Steph Curry considered the goat?

He could easily have been given at least 1 if not 2 other finals MVP’s. With all that said, the reason he would not be in goat talk even if he wins say 3 more rings, is… The game is played at 2 ends and Steph, despite leading the league in steals one year is not in the same class as LBJ let alone MJ.

Who was the lowest paid NBA player?

Scottie Pippen is the lowest-paid player in the NBA. No one actually forced Scottie Pippen to sign a 7 year, 18 Million Dollar contract, which is considered as one of the smallest contract ever in the history of the NBA.

Is LeBron better than Jordan?

LeBron James’ numbers show that he is, in fact, a better overall player. However, Jordan has scored more overall and has a better finals record. LeBron’s stats show that he is more efficient than Jordan. Jordan has a better free throw percentage, and that improves his points per game average.

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