Quick Answer: Is dribbling a basketball good exercise?

Dribbling with two balls simultaneously is a great way to train both hands. You can set up this exercise with varying levels of difficulty. Exercise set-up: Step 1: Dribble both balls simultaneously while standing still.

Is dribbling a basketball cardio?

3. Two-Ball Dribbling – Two ball dribbling is another way to work on cardio and ballhandling. … You can alternate the dribbles, dribble one ball high and one ball low, or you can even weave through cones while dribbling two balls.

How long should a dribbling workout be?

Single-Ball Moving Dribbling Drills (repeat twice)

Each drill should last 30 seconds.

What are some exercises that will help you with dribbling?

Stationary 1 Basketball Dribbling Drills

  • Ball Slaps. Continuously slap the basketball from one hand to the other. …
  • Straight Arm Finger Taps. …
  • Wraps – Around Ankle. …
  • Wraps – Around Waist. …
  • Wraps – Around Head. …
  • Wraps – Around the world. …
  • Wraps – Figure 8 Around Legs. …
  • Wraps – Around Right Leg.

What are the 13 rules of basketball?

Dr. James Naismith’s Original 13 Rules of Basketball

  • The ball may be thrown in any direction with one or both hands.
  • The ball may be batted in any direction with one or both hands (never with the fist).
  • A player cannot run with the ball.
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What is the difference between ball handling and dribbling?

The difference between dribbling and ball handling is intent. Dribbling is the skill of controlling the ball as you bounce it to the floor. Ball handling (at least 1 aspect of ball handling) is what you do with that dribble. … Dribble full court with right hand in 5 dribbles and make a lay-up, come back with left hand.

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