Quick Answer: How do you unlock everybody plays in dunk hit?

How do you unlock everybody plays on dunk hit?

MYSTERY SKIN 1: Play for awhile and it will unlock by itself. MYSTERY SKIN 2: Bounce the ball waaaaaaay up off the screen by tapping rapidly. MYSTERY SKIN 3: “Everybody Plays” – which means play with all of the other skins in the game.

What is a dunk streak in flappy dunk?

If your ball falls through the hoop without touching the rim you will get a swish which rewards you with double points. If you get multiple swishes in a row you will get a streak which will get you double points on the first, triple points on the second, then finally quadruple points on the third consecutive swish.

How do you get rainbow ball in flappy dunk?

Rainbow Ball: To earn this one, you have to complete all 30 of the challenge levels, or (in the future after an update when more are added) 30 total challenge levels. Soccer Ball: To get this one, score 50 or more points in one single round.

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