Quick Answer: How can I protect my nose in basketball?

The Mueller Face Guard helps protect your face from maxillary, nasal, zygomatic and orbital injuries. Wear this Face Guard while playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and any other sport where face injuries may occur.

Can basketball players play with broken nose?

Returning to sports after a broken nose

Athletes can safely return to sport when they have been cleared by a physician to return and only if they wear a protective splint or faceguard.

Why do NBA players wear plastic masks?

Basketball players will wear masks to cover cuts and scrapes to their faces to prevent infection or further injuries. … NBA players use masks to protect their faces while recovering from injuries such as lost teeth, broken noses, fractured orbital bones, fractured cheek boards, broken jawbones and a few more.

Why did Kobe wear a plastic mask?

Several NBA players have had to wear masks in the past in order to participate in crucial games. Kobe Bryant had to wear a mask back in 2012 when he suffered a nasal fracture after a hard play by Dwyane Wade in the All-Star Game.

Why are black masks banned in the NBA?

In the middle of the face, the nose was severely injured. In order to protect himself, he had to wear a mask in the next game against the Knicks. … In order to protect the fans’ viewing pleasure, the NBA also banned James from wearing a black mask to participate in the game.

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Why do NBA players touch hands after free throws?

Slapping a teammates hand after he hits a free throw is an acknowledgment that he has just given the team a point. It builds confidence and strengthens the relationships between players. It’s a net positive for basketballs and individual players.

What happens if a basketball hits your nose?

Sports that involve physical contact, fast fists, and quick footwork can make it difficult to avoid injury, especially to the face. A quick jab, hockey puck or basketball hitting the nose, or contact by another athlete may result in bleeding, bruising, or even a nasal fracture.

Can a Frisbee break a nose?

From sprained ankles to bruised thighs, Ultimate, the so-called “no-contact sport,” is not all it’s cracked up to be: at least, not as cracked as a broken nose.

How long are you out with a broken nose in basketball?

Because the nose will be especially sensitive and vulnerable after being broken and undergoing surgery, it is usually best to take six to eight weeks off from contact sports and three weeks off from strenuous physical activity.

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