Quick Answer: Does Seattle have a WNBA team?

The Seattle Storm is an American professional basketball team based in Seattle, Washington. The Storm competes in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) as a member club of the league’s Western Conference. … The Storm are four-time WNBA Champions, with victories in 2004, 2010, 2018, and 2020.

The new logo retains the iconic image of the Space Needle, which sits within basketball ribs. Overlooking it all is the peak of Mount Rainier, representing Seattle’s home in the Pacific Northwest. At the center, a lightning bolt evokes the intensity, power, and purpose of the Storm identity both on and off the court.

How much is the WNBA worth?

At a value of $1.66 billion, they sold for 6.4 times their estimated revenue. With Forbes providing an estimate for the revenue and value of each NBA team, we can use those numbers to find that the average estimated revenue multiple for all NBA teams is 7.3.

How much are WNBA courtside tickets?

Today, the Liberty’s tickets range from courtside premiums at $375 per game, to corner upper seats that can be purchased at $25 per game for season ticket holders.

What month does the WNBA begin their season group of answer choices?

The season will run from May 14 to September 19, with a break from July 12 to August 11 for the Olympic Games. This season also marks the launch of the WNBA Commissioner’s Cup, which had been intended to start in the 2020 season but was delayed due to COVID-19.

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How much are Seattle Storm tickets?

Typically, Seattle Storm tickets can be found for $42.00, on average but can vary by city.

How much are Chicago Sky tickets?

How much are Chicago Sky tickets? The average entry-level price for Chicago Sky tickets is around $18. There are some tickets that can range upwards of $73 per ticket. VIP seating and premium center court seats will typically be over $100 per ticket depending on the game.

Who coaches the Seattle Storm?

Are Seattle storms profitable?

The Storm’s ownership group is committed to keeping the team in Seattle. We stand ready to work with all of our partners, and potential partners, to keep the Storm in Seattle and help it continue to grow into a profitable, thriving organization. In just 12 years, the Storm has earned a loyal and growing following.

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