Quick Answer: Can you play basketball in air max react?

Can you play sports in Air Max?

Air Max is a line of Nike shoes catering to an audience who want to look stylish and sporty. They’re okay for running but not the greatest. You won’t see top marathon runners wearing them during races. You can play casual non-court sports (because the soles will streak) in them.

Is Nike React comfortable?

React: Soft and springy, yet light and long-lasting for all-day comfort. Air: Maximum cushioning and responsive for a fun ride.

Is react better than boost?

Boost is an excellent cushioning system and has that sort of unique look to it and it feels great – it’s a winner. So breaking these two shoes down, the Nike Epic React is definitely the better performance shoe. It’s significantly lighter than the Ultra Boost. The cushion setup is excellent for running.

Is Nike React good for running?

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2: This pair helps your feet feel serene as the miles pile up. It has a new breathable Flyknit upper with Flywire technology for support, and a generous helping of React foam designed to absorb lots of impact to help keep you moving comfortably mile after mile (after mile).

Can you wear Air Max 270 to the gym?

Bottom Line: These shoes are not good for wide feet and not recommended for long distance walking or running, and most especially sports activities. However, they perform flawlessly for general wear, the gym, and for people on their feet all day.

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Can you workout in Air Max 270 react?

With that said, the Air Max 270 is not designed to be a performance sneaker so it is not recommended to do any serious training in them.

Is Air Max good for walking?

For those who don’t have budget restrictions, the Nike Air Max 270 is an excellent shoe for walkers, both casual and power. … The upper is made of a combination of mesh and synthetic material, which provides flexibility to the shoe and a snug fit, as well as a smart look overall. It also makes the shoes very breathable.

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