Question: Where did Michael Jordan go to middle school?

Michael attended Trask Middle School and received certificates of achievement in Football and Basketball in June 1977.

Where did Michael Jordan go to elementary school?

Michael Jordan completed elementary education from the Ogden Elementary School and then attended the Trask Junior High School. On moving to Wilmington, he was a student of the Emsley A. Laney High School. His athletic skills were seen right from school where he played basketball, football, and baseball.

Was Michael Jordan poor as a kid?

” One thing that Michael wasn`t good at, according to his father, was working. ”Michael is probably the laziest kid I had,” said James Jordan, who grew up the son of a poor farmer and was driving a tractor by the age of 10. ”If he had to get a job in a factory punching a clock, he`d starve to death.

How many wives did MJ have?

Jordan has been married twice and has five children between both of his marriages, and as of 2019, he’s even a grandfather!

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