Question: What NBA players went to Stanford?

Player Pos Draft Yr
Robin Lopez FC 2008
KZ Okpala SG 2019
Dwight Powell PF 2014
Tyrell Terry PG 2020

How many NBA players went to Stanford?

46 players have been selected out of Stanford in NBA draft history, 14 in the first round (2 during the last 10 years), 10 in the second round and 0 among the top 3 picks. The last time a player out of Stanford was selected in the NBA draft was in 2021.

Which NBA players went straight to the NBA?

Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby did it in the 1970s. Yet it wasn’t until Kevin Garnett in 1995 that the modern movement of players going straight from high school to the NBA began. From 1995 to 2005, 11 NBA drafts, a total of 39 players were drafted directly out of high school.

What college has sent the most players to the NBA?

The University of Kentucky has produced the most NBA players of all time with 107. They also had the most players in the NBA in the 2018-19 season.

Who is the smartest NBA player?

#1 Chris Paul

He is arguably the smartest person ever to play the game. It can be argued that his high basketball IQ is an innate ability as opposed to it developing over time. Chris Paul is the first player in NBA history to record 35 points and 10 assists in a playoff debut.

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Who drafted Kobe Bryant?

What state produces the most NBA players?

US States With Most NBA Players Per One Million Residents

If actually considering the sheer amount of players, the top five states would be as follow: California, Texas, New York, Indiana, and Illinois.

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