Question: Is there a Hudl for basketball?

Ready to see how Hudl can work for your basketball team? We want you to succeed. Hudl Academy’s courses cover all the steps, from preparation to evaluation to distribution. Our addition of Krossover means we’ll be building an even better analysis offering for our basketball coaches.

Does Hudl have basketball?

What Hudl Does for Basketball Coaches. Hudl is a game film software platform that enables you to upload, tag, cut and share video with your players as well as publish team highlights online. It’s one of a few software tools out there to upload and tag game film for basketball.

How much does a Hudl camera cost?

What’s the overall price of the camera? The Focus camera costs $3,000, but when purchased as part of an athletic department package, it’s heavily discounted (along with the rest of your Hudl products). Is it a one-time payment or yearly subscription? You will pay $3,000 per year as part of your Hudl subscription.

What is similar to HUDL?

Other great sites and apps similar to Hudl are StatCard Sports (Free), AmperVue (Freemium), NextGameTime (Free) and SportsClipMaker (Paid).

What sports does HUDL support?

Select a sport to see how Hudl works.

  • High School Sports. Soccer. Basketball. Volleyball. Lacrosse. American Football. Track & Field. Wrestling. Ice Hockey. …
  • Club & Youth Sports. Soccer. Basketball. Volleyball. Lacrosse. American Football. Track & Field. Wrestling. Ice Hockey. …
  • Professional Sports. Football. Basketball. Volleyball. Ice Hockey.
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How do I get a free Hudl account?


  1. Enter your team code and email address, then click Get Registered. Athletes will need to get the team code from their coach.
  2. Fill out the form and then click Register.
  3. Your registration is complete. You’ll receive a notification via email when your coach responds to your request.

Can athletes download Hudl videos?

I am an athlete and I want to download film. How do I do that? Since coaches are the only ones who can download film, we recommend reaching out to your head coach to see if they are willing to download the film for you.

How does Hudl make money?

And they pay. Hudl charges around $1,400 a year per high school and college team. That allowed it to build a software-as-a-service business that won $30 million in revenue in 2014. … There have been a slew of success stories of otherwise little-known players who got big offers to play at top schools thanks to Hudl.

Do you have to pay for a Hudl account?

You’ll need to pay for a Hudl and a Hudl Focus subscription, but when purchased as part of an athletic department package, they’re both heavily discounted. There may be additional costs associated with the broadcast software or livestream platform you choose as well.

Do NFL teams use Hudl?

Hudl and the NFL’s partnership will allow the NFL to continue engaging with coaches at the high school level. … Included in the new partnership is one free NFL Game Pass subscription, which brings fans replays of every NFL game of the season as soon as they’re done.

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Can you live stream on Hudl?

Open the Hudl Focus app and tap the upcoming recording. Tap the toggle on if you’d like to livestream this event on your YouTube account. … Double check that this game will be streamed on YouTube. Tap Share to send the link to your livestream via text, social media or to copy the URL.

Do college coaches have HUDL?

Sending recruiting packages through Hudl allows coaches access to those full plays. … College coaches want to see an athlete’s development, and they want to hear directly from them.

What can coaches do on HUDL?

Add coaches to your team’s account so they can upload video and help manage the team. Edit a coach’s name, contact information, or account privileges. Staff turnover happens.

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