Question: Is Chris Dunn still playing in the NBA?

Boston Celtics
2016–2017 Minnesota Timberwolves
2017–2020 Chicago Bulls
2020–2021 Atlanta Hawks
2021–present Boston Celtics

Will Kris Dunn play this year?

Dunn has yet to play this season, and he remains sidelined while recovering from ankle surgery. General manager Travis Schlenk recently said that Dunn has been able to take part in practice, so he could be eligible for a return at some point in April.

Where is Chris Dunn playing?

Is Kris Dunn playing tonight?

Hawks’ Kris Dunn: Won’t play Sunday.

Is Kris Dunn healthy?

More from Soaring Down South. Kris Dunn has been out of the lineup due to a non-covid illness for a few games. Despite the fact that he was healthy, Dunn has only played one game in the current playoffs, taking one shot, and collecting one rebound in his three minutes of game-time.

What is wrong with Kris Dunn?

Just as he started to steadily improve, his ankle and lower back started to hurt, an MRI revealing loose cartilage in his right ankle inhibiting his range of motion and creating compensations in his knee and back. He underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove the cartilage in late December.

Who wore 32 for the Bulls?

228 Players

Player Team(s)
Larry Hughes Cleveland Cavaliers (06, 07, 08) Chicago Bulls (08, 09)
Vince Hunter Memphis Grizzlies (18)
Marc Iavaroni San Antonio Spurs (85, 86)
Byron Irvin Washington Bullets (91, 93)
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